Master Trigonometry for IIT JEE Success: Tips & Strategies

Master Trigonometry for IIT JEE Success
  •   2023, 27 Nov

Master Trigonometry for IIT JEE Success: Tips & Strategies

Trigonometry is an integral component of Mathematics in IIT JEE examination and no doubt seems to be the toughest in class XI. It will also no doubt help you in mathematics & physics at 10+2 level. Wherein the subject, trigonometric functions & ratios are some of the most imperative topics. In an IIT JEE exam, there is a sufficient chunk of questions from this topic. Thus, it becomes one of the focused study area for the student, so that the IIT JEE aspirant can sail his way through the exam.


Trigonometry is that arm of Mathematics that relates to triangles and the relationships between sides and angles. The trigonometry functions are universal in nature in the sphere of pure as well as applied mathematics. These also lay the foundation for many branches of science & technology. The study of different parts of trigonometry requires somewhat different strategies. The questions in the exam range from not only the basics but also the applications of trigonometry.


Focus more on the equations and alongside solve problems

Be well versed with all identities and formula properly. Solve problems based on these & atleast 5 problems on each.


For common angles, it is advisable to memorize the values of sin, cos and tan

Use the concept of periodicity to simplify trigonometric functions.


Convert trigonometric functions to their exponential equivalents to simplify calculations. For example, an expression like 2sinxcosy can be replaced with 3.


Utilize the double angle formula to simplify expressions involving trigonometric functions

Use Componendo and Dividendo wherever necessary.


Square on both the sides whenever you see an expression where sine and cosine or tangent and secant or cotangent and cosecant are added and then solve.


Try using AM-GM / Maxima-Minima wherever needed.


To get the number of solutions for a particular trigonometric equation, try plotting the graph than opting to solve the equation.


Try out the question in sets from the chapter and with a time bound manner so that speed & accuracy is taken care of.


It is not enough to know the formulas directly; one has to know them from many other forms too. Once the basics & formulae are taken care of, solve miscellaneous questions. Keep knowledge of the curves of all the trigonometric as well as the inverse trigonometric functions.


After the theory & numericals are done with, target to do the previous years questions.

While doing mock tests, check & eliminate options first. When there are questions from a solution of triangles in the exam, remember to attempt the question by assuming the triangle to be equilateral or isosceles.


Stick to the syllabus while preparing for trigonometry


You need to try & get into the practice of solving of sums so that the chapter of Trigonometry can be easily conquered. As practice here is an absolutely crucial factor and continuous revision gives you near mastery in subject. Start with the comparatively easier ones & gradually shift towards the difficult ones. For the ease of reference & convenience, make a formula sheet & paste or place it near your study table.


While trigonometry as a subject may in itself be difficult to master though of course not impossible. One has to follow a disciplined & structured approach. If trigonometry is your weak point, then stay focused, practice consistently & seek guidance from an expert when required. Such subjects are best studied & solved in groups so that there is information sharing & makes study fun at the same time!


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